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What is Home Check?

A home check, or home watch, is a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.  

Why On Deck Home Check

So it's THAT time of year.  And you are leaving your home in gulf coast Florida.  When will you be back?  What will happen while you're gone?  How can you prevent your tropical paradise from becoming a tropical disaster?  It has been said that there is nothing more valuable than peace, and you can provide yourself with peace of mind by contracting On Deck Home Check to be your eyes and ears while you are away.  

There are several home watch businesses.  So why is On Deck home Check your number one choice?  We are a local, family owned business and we care about our community.  Unlike some other home watch companies, we, the owners, are personally checking your home.  Other companies hire low wage employees to come check your home, and you won't know who that person is from one check to the next.  We will personally get to know you and your home and if ever there is another person checking your home, you will have the comfort of knowing that they are another partner in the business with a vested interest in your property.

Why Home Check?

What can happen while you're away from your home for months at a time?  Leaky pipes, insects, rodents, mold, and squatters, just to name a few.  Now, think about these things going undiscovered until you find them upon your return.  During the housing crisis, when many homes were foreclosed on, squatters had a vast number of homes to choose from, and there are many out there still looking for a nice vacant home to move in to.  Although Florida is a tropical paradise, it's not a perfect paradise, there are tropical storms and hurricanes.  These can produce catastrophic problems for unprepared homes, and even some that are prepared.

Do you have homeowners insurance?​ If you do, you certainly care about your home.  On Deck Home Check not only helps to protect your home, but contracting our services may save you money on your insurance premiums.  Check with your insurer.  Many people think that the best solution for them is to have a friendly neighbor or family member check on their home from time to time.  We don't want to criticize that choice, because it can work well in some cases, although, in other cases, no matter how well-meaning those family members or friends are, it can prove to be more catastrophic than valuable.  Relationships can be strained when an unforeseen occurrence happens in your home, and the person that you thought could take care of your home misses a significant problem which you now need to deal with from far away.  How about when you ask your neighbor to prepare your house for a storm and they tell you they will, but they don't think the danger is real so they wait too long and as the storm closes in, all they can manage is to prepare their own home and yours is left unprotected?

Contact an accredited Home Check/Home Watch company today for peace of mind.

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